Thank you for your interest in the AHRI Directory of Certified Data Subscription Program. This program allows authorized organizations to perform unlimited searches and download .csv formatted AHRI Data for select AHRI certification programs. Unlike the publicly searchable AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance which caps data query downloads to 250 matching records, data subscription holders may download all records meeting particular search queries. With the functionality to save particular queries, data subscription program users can efficiently pull search results to aid in rebate validation, performance metrics, equipment matchups, etc.

Please review the attached AHRI Data Subscription Packages and Fees list. To apply to become a data subscriber, please fully complete and return the following:

  • AHRI Directory of Certified Data Subscription License Agreement
  • AHRI Directory of Certified Data Subscription Appendix A, Application

AHRI will review your application and assign a commercial or non-commercial license based on your intended use of the data, as stated on the application form. If your company is granted license/s to AHRI’s certified data, AHRI will sign the license agreement and we will issue an invoice to the billing contact shown on your application form. After we receive payment for your subscription, the countersigned agreement will be sent to your licensing contact and AHRI will grant authenticated user access to AHRI Certified data to the individuals noted on your application.

More about the Application Process:

  • Please allow ten business days for your application to be reviewed and decided upon. If approved, an invoice will be issued to your billing contact. If denied, your licensing contact will receive a decision letter.
  • Invoice payment in full is due 30 days after the issue date. If payment is not received within 30 days a new application and signed agreement will need to be submitted.
  • Please allow ten business days for subscription activation after payment is received.

A Note About AHRI Data Integrations:


At this time, the AHRI Data Subscription program does not offer web services application programming interfaces (API) or file sharing services. AHRI is aware that API service is of particular interest to its data subscription customers. Although a date for development has not been committed, an API service option is on AHRI's long-term product development roadmap.