Some records have both an Old AHRI Reference Number and an AHRI Certified Reference Number. The Old AHRI Reference Number refers to a model that was in the previous version of the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance with multiple brand names associated with that record. Due to technical reasons, a record that had multiple brands associated with it had to be split into unique records when they were migrated to our new database in January of 2018. Each brand name for these records was then assigned an AHRI Reference number, in addition to keeping the Old AHRI Reference Number. Please see the screenshot below that shows where a record has been split into two unique records, each with a single brand. 

The Directory search functions are designed to recognize both Old AHRI Reference Numbers and AHRI Certified Reference Numbers. Additionally, AHRI Certificates of Product Ratings display both the Old AHRI Reference Number and AHRI Certified Reference Number.