There are several reasons a record will not be visible on the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance. It could be the record upload was accepted by the Directory but the data did not pass validations, the program requires engineer approval prior to publication or, if it is in a regulated program, it has not successfully been reported to DOE in the overnight process. 

  1. Verify the system accepted the upload: look for the upload file in the Mass Upload Status board. Any records that were processed by the system but failed validation will be available through the failed files hyperlink on this dashboard. The file can be downloaded and the errors located in column B can be addressed and then the file reloaded. Please note that if this is an edit file it MUST be loaded through the multiple edit process and not the multiple entry process.
  2. If the records were successfully accepted to the Directory proceed to the View/Download OEM data to get further insight on the record status:
    1. Is the model status active? Qual (applicant) and draft model statuses will not be published. 
    2. Is the record IsApproved? = No? If so please work with your AHRI engineer to understand what further information may be needed to obtain approval.
    3. Is the record IsHidden = Yes? If so please work with your AHRI engineer to understand why this is so.
    4. If Reported to DOE?  = Pending and the record was added or edited more than a day ago please submit a ticket that contains all the troubleshooting you have done up until this point.