AHRI offers, for a fee, a data subscription service that allows authorized organizations to perform unlimited searches and .csv formatted downloads of AHRI Data for select AHRI certification programs. Unlike the publicly searchable AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance which caps data query downloads to 250 matching records, data subscription holders may download all records meeting particular search queries. The following information is only applicable to the specific individuals designated by authorized data subscription holders to log into the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance:

The file will be a compressed (i.e. zipped) .csv file.

There are no file size limitations to the exported data file and large files will not be split. However, the number of records contained in the export file will affect the time to generate the file and how the records will be displayed if opened in Excel. If the user is using an older version of Excel (2003 or earlier), any records beyond 65,535 rows are dropped from the downloaded file. If the user is using a more recent version of Excel (2007 and beyond) to open the file, any records beyond 1,048,575 rows will be dropped from the downloaded file. In both instances, the user should consider using a text editor application to open the file to avoid dropping records.

The system provides warning messages about this.