Whenever possible, AHRI suggests installing AHRI Certified ®  products. AHRI Certified products are listed in the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance, https://www.ahridirectory.org. Manufacturers who certify their products through AHRI allow AHRI to independently test their products to certify they are rated in accordance with industry-recognized performance rating standards. The AHRI Certified ® Mark provides assurance that equipment will perform as specified — accurately and consistently.

AHRI does not install, troubleshoot, repair, or maintain HVACR equipment. Please contact a reputable contractor in your area to provide services.  AHRI recommends you use a NATE-certified technician for all your installation and service needs. Learn more about the value of using a NATE-certified technician and find one in your area by visiting https://www.natex.org/site/458/Homeowners/Why-Choose-a-NATE-Certified-Technician.