Many organizations offering rebates request you provide an AHRI Certificate of Product Performance and/or AHRI Certified Reference Number when you apply for your rebate. AHRI can help you with that!

You may look up your model on the AHRI Directory,, to acquire the Certificate or AHRI Certified Reference Number. Or, if you require assistance in performing the look-up, please submit a support ticket to AHRI with the following information and we'll be glad to look it up for you:

If you are inquiring about an air-conditioner or heat pump
  • Do you have an air-conditioner or heat pump? (If you don't know, that's okay)
  • Outdoor Unit Brand Name
  • Outdoor Unit Model Number
  • Indoor Unit (Evaporator Coil or Air Handler) Brand Name
  • Indoor Unit Model Number
  • Furnace Brand Name (if your system includes a furnace)*
  • Furnace Model Number
* For your furnace to be considered in the certification of your AC or HP system, the furnace must be the same brand as your outdoor unit.  If your furnace is not the same brand as your outdoor unit, we will attempt to find the AHRI certification of your outdoor unit and indoor unit combination without the furnace.

If you are inquiring about another type of product
  • Unit Brand Name
  • Unit Model Number

You do not need to provide serial numbers. AHRI does not capture serial numbers for any type of equipment in its database.

Please contact your installer if you do not know, or cannot locate, the brand and model number information for your equipment.

Also note that AHRI is only able to provide AHRI certification data for equipment that is currently being manufactured, is in the supply chain, or has been discontinued for less than five years. If your equipment is older than that, we suggest you contact the manufacturer for any historical information they may be able to provide.

If we find your unit is AHRI Certified we will send you a copy of the AHRI Certificate of Product Performance which will include brand and model information, the AHRI Certified Reference Number, and AHRI Certified ratings.

Please note that AHRI does not maintain a list of utility companies, manufacturers, and energy savings programs offering rebates for the installation of energy efficient equipment. We recommend you contact your local utility company or manufacturer to inquire about potential rebate opportunities. You may also consider checking the "Rebate Finder" on