When filling for a rebate, you may be asked to provide an AHRI Reference Number or an AHRI Certificate of Product Performance for your installed equipment. Your installing contractor can provide this to you. However, you can also acquire this information on your own. Go to the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance, www.ahridirectory.org to conduct a search. Please note the search will require you to know your:

  • Equipment Brand Name
  • Equipment Model Number(s) - If you have a split-system air-conditioner or heat pump, we will require the model numbers for the indoor unit (and furnace, if applicable) and outdoor unit.
  • AHRI Reference Number (if you know it and just need to print a certificate)

Please note, AHRI does not collect serial number data, so our system does not allow a search by serial number. Also, AHRI Certified information is only available for equipment that is certified through AHRI's product performance certification programs.

If you need help looking for an AHRI Reference Number or Certificate of Performance, please submit a new ticket to us. When submitting your ticket, make sure to select the  Product/Service = Acquire AHRI Certified Reference Numbers and/or Certificates.