If you are a frequent user of the AHRI Directory, https://www.ahridirectory.org, you know that performing searches is not always easy! The Directory houses over 20 million records for over 50 types of products all with their own search criteria. On top of that, each manufacturer has its own style for entering model number information.

Here are some of the favorite tricks utilized by AHRI Staff when we have to locate a record quickly:

1. If you have the AHRI Reference Number, you are already 99% of the way there!

In the universal search box found at the top of the page, enter the reference number, make sure the AHRI Reference # radio button is applied, and hit Search.

Click the "Select" button to be taken to the record.

Click the AHRI Certified Reference Number to download your AHRI Certificate.

2. When searching by model number, using fewer characters is better!

Whether you are searching by model number in the universal search box or searching by product type, when it comes to entering model numbers your chances of a successful search increase when you search with fewer characters.

The model numbers that are stamped on equipment nameplates or which show up on sales proposals and invoices often have many more characters than how the manufacturers have entered their model numbers in the AHRI Directory database.

Therefore, if you enter your model numbers and get no results, try removing some characters from your search.

Example: An equipment nameplate shows the model number 4YUT048T1000A11.

We can 98% guarantee that is not how the model number is listed in the Directory. Instead, try searching 4YUT048. If it returns many results, add some more characters to your search. If it switches back to no results, take away some characters. Look for patterns in how the manufacturers write their model numbers to help you find your desired record.

If you are getting a lot of results that are hard for you to manage, use the Brand filters to try to hone in your results.

3. Perform a Discontinued and Obsolete search

If you search under Product Type, you are only searching equipment with an Active (meaning the equipment is still being manufactured) or Production Stopped (meaning the equipment is no longer being manufactured but remains in the supply chain) model status. If you don't find your record there, try searching for it by going to Additional Resources>Search Discontinued and Obsolete Products.

4. It may be that your equipment is older than what is available in the Directory

The AHRI Directory houses AHRI Certified records that are actively being manufactured, are in the supply chain, or have been discontinued for less than 5 years. If equipment has been discontinued for more than 5 years we cannot provide information. In such a case we suggest contacting the manufacturer for any historical information they might be able to provide.

5. If you are trying to figure out which record applies to your multi-zone AC or HP, look at the Indoor Type.

Due to all the possible combinations of individual units, AHRI does not publish the indoor unit model numbers for multi-zone equipment in the Variable Speed Mini-Split and Multi-Split Air Conditioners and Variable Speed Mini-Split and Multi-Split Heat Pumps directories. Find the record(s) for your particular outdoor unit. Then select the specific record that reflects the type of indoor units you have -- ducted, non-ducted, or a mix of ducted and non-ducted units.

6. The record may still be hiding or is not AHRI Certified.

Even using our best tricks doesn't always yield results. It's usually because the manufacturer has used a model number nomenclature that is not in accordance with our system requirements or the equipment is not AHRI Certified. 

Submit a Support ticket so an AHRI expert can assist you. Be sure to include the product type and brand names and model numbers of each component (i.e. outdoor unit, coil or air handler, furnace) so we can get an answer to you quickly. You don't need to provide the serial numbers because they are not in our database.