If your search does not yield any records, or yields too many, verify you have entered correct data in the search field/s. 

Suggestions for searches that do not yield results:

  • Ensure there are no spaces after any model number or AHRI Reference Number you have input.
  • The product’s model number in the database is formatted differently than what you have entered:
    • One trick that usually helps find the model is to drop a few of the characters from the model number when searching. Manufacturers often include more characters on the physical models compared to when they upload those models to the Directory. For example, your physical unit may have model number 'GSX1604-001AA' but the model number in the Directory may be GSX1604*. If you drop the extra characters from the search you can usually find the model you're looking for in the list of results. It's often helpful to drop characters from the front and back of the model number to hone in on the model you're looking for. Also, the * is used as a wildcard and represents any character.
  • The search criteria is over-constrained (try removing some criteria or opening your range of acceptable ratings):
    • See the above suggestions about dropping characters
  • The product was Discontinued or Obsoleted more than five years ago

Suggestions for searches that yield too many results:

  • If you are looking for a split-system air-conditioner or heat pump we recommend using the quick search (article, with screenshot, including information on quick search) and populating the below fields to narrow down the results :
    • Outdoor Unit Brand Name
    • Outdoor Unit Model Number
    • Indoor Unit Brand Name
    • Indoor Unit Model Number
    • Furnace Model Number, if applicable

If you believe a product is AHRI-certified, or was discontinued/obsoleted within the past five years, and you are still experiencing difficulty finding it after following the search tips above, please submit a ticket.